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Do you need to buy a car but you are without money? You can use the financing of CatsuBank vehicles to apply for your Car Loan both for the purchase of a new one and for the purchase of a used one.

Like most mortals, you surely can not buy a car in cash, and you need to finance part or all of the vehicle. For this CatsuBank offers its Car Loan with which to finance up to 100% of the value of the vehicle.

The amount you can request with this type of personal loan is from 1,500 euros and up to 75,000 euros, for the purchase of a new or used vehicle, the one you like the most.

As for the interest rate, this Car Loan offers a fixed TIN of 6.99%, which means that the APR or real interest will be 7.22%, which will remain the same throughout the return period.

The term of repayment or repayment of the loan is a maximum of 120 months, that is, up to 10 years. In addition, among the advantages offered by this flexible loan is being able to decide the day of the month that best suits you to pay the fee.

This personal loan from CatsuBank has no study or opening fees. But it does have a commission for full or partial early repayment of 0.5% or 1%.

In case there is less than one year left until the loan expires, the commission will be 0.5%, while if there is more than one year left, the commission for early repayment will be 1%.

Conditions and how the CatsuBank Car Loan works

Conditions and how the CatsuBank Car Loan works

If you need financing to buy a car and you decide for this credit from CatsuBank, you will have to comply with some requirements. Among these requirements are to be a client of the entity, and have domiciled the payroll or domicile at the time of signing the loan contract.

One of the conditions of the Car Loan of CatsuBank is that at the time of the form of the credit agreement, documentation must be provided that justifies the purpose of the loan.

That is, it is necessary to present the proforma invoice of the dealer in the case that the car to be purchased is new, or a proof of purchase in the event that the car is used.

To apply for this car credit you can fill out an application form through the entity’s website, or by going to any of the CatsuBank branches in Spain.

It is not specified if it is a loan without a guarantee or not, however, among the advantages of this loan is the possibility of contracting the loan directly from the Online Banking of CatsuBank, as long as the requested amount does not exceed 40,000 euros.

In addition, CatsuBank offers an additional advantage in the contracting of an automobile insurance backed by Libra Sena.

Finally, if you are with Asnef or registered in any other delinquency list for having any outstanding debt, CatsuBank will reserve the right to deny you the loan request, if it can not ensure your solvency in order to return the borrowed loan..

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