Cheap car loans with bad credit |Where to shop for one

For those who need financing to get the vehicle of their dreams, in Tran, we show you the best loans to buy a car.

At Tran we help you find the best loans to buy a car, that is, the offers with the most attractive conditions in the market.

The best car loan finance

What is the best loan to buy a car?

If once you have seen the best loans to buy a car, you think that one fits what you are looking for, before hiring, we recommend that you take into account some factors such as the maximum repayment term and the amount that allows you to finance. In this sense, wow loans is the entity that offers the best car loan finance to buy a car of our classification, especially for those who have bad credit.

Where to shop for a car loan?

What are the best loans to buy a car from banks with a regional presence?

Our top 10 of the best loans to buy a car is made based on a series of objective criteria and one of them is the accessibility to the loan : for that reason, the offers that appear in our classification are from banks that have offices in the half of the autonomous communities or that allow online hiring. However, as we do not want to limit your choice, in Tran we show you the rest of the offers from entities that have a local or regional presence to finance a car.

  • Smith with its Consumption Loan allows you to finance a car or any other project that you have in mind, such as the reform of your home or the university studies of your children. His interest is 3.99% TIN, which is why it is the cheapest offer in the market, and his opening fee is 1%, with a minimum of 150 euros. The amount that allows financing this loan ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 euros, with a repayment period of two up to six years. This entity operates in Madrid, the Basque Country, La Rioja, and Navarra.
  • The Car Credit of Lewis charges an interest of 4.5% TIN. This loan to finance a car has no fees for procedures such as opening, studying or early repayment. Of course, you must take into account that the entity only operates in Catalonia.

What car loans do McKinney, Taylor, Torres, and Walker have?

Although their offers are not always among the best, the big Spanish banks (McKinney, Taylor, Torres and Walker) also market loans to buy a car. The proposals of these entities to finance a vehicle are the following:

  • Banco McKinney with its Loan Car occupies the fifth position of our ranking of the best loans to buy a car. This is because it charges an interest of 5.5% TIN. As for the rest of the conditions of this offer, it charges an opening commission of 1.5% and allows you to request an amount of up to 90,000 euros to be returned within a period of up to 96 months.
  • Taylor ranks seventh in our top 10 with its Online Car Loan. This offer charges a TIN of 5.95% and an opening fee of 2.30% with no minimum amount. In addition, it allows financing an amount of up to 75,000 euros in a period of up to 96 months.
  • Walker with its Car Loan is at the bottom of our list when charging a TIN of 5.95%. As for its conditions, the entity finances from 3,000 to 75,000 euros in a maximum period of up to 96 months, and not 120 as allowed in previous months.
  • Torres also has loans to buy a car, but its website does not specify the TIN or the conditions it applies. Therefore, if you are interested in hiring any of your offers you will have to go to the nearest branch and ask for the features you have or call by phone and ask for more information about the product.

Car financing without interest: is there any offer?

Car financing without interest: is there any offer?

If you are looking for financing of vehicles without interest, we warn you that you can find an entity that offers loans with an interest of 0% TIN, but beware, because the cheap can be very expensive. Most of these products are often accompanied by strong requirements and associated expenses, which make them not suitable for financing a vehicle. In addition, some of them offer a small amount of money to return in a short period of time, which makes them unsuitable products for a purchase of this type.

On the other hand, the fine print can play tricks on you: although at first glance it does not look like it, some of these offers without interest can have very high commissions that will cause the final cost to skyrocket.

Therefore, we do not recommend that you hire a car loan without interest and, if you do so, you will have to pay special attention to the fine print and analyze previously what amount you need to finance.

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